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tv   [untitled]    January 31, 2014 12:30pm-1:01pm PST

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not so francisco can talk to you and what we're trying to do is raise the visibility of what we do so people will invest in our treatment so we can afford $2 billion in the community and having jobs and having people participate and invest and doing a construction assistance center in the community and working on the migration in the community so we're going to try to do our besto to make that community engage in the community. i can indefinitely talk to you off lion. as people indicated we haven't did you live much but they all talk about for example, robert woods came up and talked about we participated in the ged
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program for uscf so there's a lot of things we do. one of the things we need to do is bring visibility of all the things we do in the community and a 11 people getting a ged means nothing. when my parents were here we had 11 in the community and now we're down to 4. when you put those types of programs in place it means nothing. i'm not trying to disrespect people but can you stop funding programs that are ineffective and i you talk about keating e keeping the digesters in the community how about allowing people to live in the community that's why we left. i feel that the hearts have been harden and no one is relating to what the people are dealing with and that's why they're running
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>> i don't see my other speaker cards. public comment is closed. just a few things to wrap up. we're here baugs because he want to be here we're not anything but volunteers. the fact that loaders in the community would show up to a meeting and spend 6 housed in the middle of the day and listening to the data it can be dry sometimes; right? that's why we feel it's necessary to get a prospective. at the same time we'll guard against perception bam a reality. francisco sings our praises and talks about our objective of not
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delivering those dead end programs and creating those are avenues for folks who have lived here in the community but especially the underserved community to get into those stewardship programs to get you the health care and the pension and the working conditions and the job protections and the salaries that will enable you to live here. the presentation we got from amelia crews haul that work is being done primarily by people who are represented by the labors and the carpenters and other trades. so i'm sensitive to the fact it may not be enough. but i think we have to be honest and relocate the notation that nobody is doing anything it may
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feel like that but to general manager mr. kelly's point i've been here 4 years and know how hard the staff work and so long as people say we're not doing enough that should help us to keep working hard. i disagree receptor if you 11 gedz out of 15 people who didn't get a diploma is a very, very good thing thing and have a lot of receptionist. i was happy to get 11 people to get a job and not have to loaf san francisco. that's enough for me. any other commissioner? commissioner caen then we'll go ahead and move on the next item
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and a commissioner caen >> sorry for the next budget meeting i would like the following addressed: i would like to get a sense of the overall overtime their your projecting for next year and if you can compare w that with loose fiscal year over time i'd like a i'd appreciate it. secondly, we've worked very hard to get this budget looking the way it does and it's much more efficient we had line items, however, some of us talking with some people both staff and the commission would liquor to see the line items and i'm sure that's easily done that's how you arrived at the material here. so if we could have a line item report by enterprise as well as the bureaus or is that going to
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be a hardship >> the line item is this roll up but we can give you a line item. >> thank you and also, if you could talk about the concept of the security at sf o just to elaborate on that. security at the sf 0. not completely just our security >> i'll be happy to do that that's for our counterparts to have a second back up if we have to go off-line at the 524 golden gate. it's for redundant for disaster
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preparedness we'll prepare a back up system at the 520 at our datacenter. its redundancy planted redundancy >> i had a sort of a followup. this disaster preparedness bucket used to have a lot in it including security and this piece of risk management it seems to be in there too for all the enterprises whatever that looks like when fire qualities for that and how to make sure there's not a bush away of power lines i don't know what the definition is maybe it's another conversation forensic management for disaster preparedness and security and what constitutes disaster preparedness
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>> thank you. >> next item is communications. commissioners? >> mr. president. commissioner moran >> i sense some fatigue are that i want to call out the conversations we had a lot of material one is the automated program that's a fantastic program. i've never seen anything in the public sect to the degree of
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self analysis and transparency that represents that's a huge leap beneficial and frankly it speaks to the professionalism of the staff i wanted to say that >> thank you commissioner moran. any other comments. any public comment on this item? on conversations seeing none, public comment is closed. madam secretary next item >> other commission business. >> commissioners any other commission business that needs to be discuses today seeing none, and they'll be no any public comment on this item. >> general manager report. >> general manager keeling. >> it's been a long day. first of all, i just want to give you an update of our water
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supply. i'm sure you're aware of the last calendar year and this year is 1 of the drive it on record and this friday jan 31st i'll be asking customers about our hetch hetchy system to voluntarily care tail their accomodation by thirty percent. i'll be working with the city departments and a call to come up with strategies how to accomplish this goal. the bottom line i strongly building that voluntarily water skwerm efforts is the best way to stretch our supplies and possibly avert our need for cutbacks such as drauthd positions. so i want to bring up richie to talk about where we stand as of now.
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and a steve richie if we could go to the slides i have some updates and of the conservation. our water supply conditions again, we have 70 percent of storage in our reservoirs precipitation outcome for the next week is some wet weather to be coming in the next couple of days. we'll be continuing to evaluate those conditions and report at each commission meeting. again, we have a slide to show you where the storage is its 90 in cherry reservoir and in our water bingo. those are not directly assessable water supplies so we're going to make sure we can stretch our supply as par was we
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can. precipitation: it almost didn't matter you can't see the letters it's below the orange lion it represents the 1976 and 77 dry year we're below that. that's a concern but we still have february and march and april ahead of us. snow pack continues to be low we're in dry conditions. can't emphasize that enough one of the things we do do i used this slide february 1st is this saturday so the announcement of 10 percent reduction is time low with respect to that. we have march first we give
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additional reports presumably there is some snow we need to keep looking at our options and keep folks aware of what's going around our reservoirs. some of the basically factors we looked in making all those decisions first weather hi hydrology the impact is xhaufg e - improving. we manage to have storage in times like these so our past efforts have been good. the status of our customers some of our customers projects are rising a bit some for economic growth we're coming down o come back from the recession so the
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district called for 20 percent conservation when the governor made it his announcement. they get a fair amount of their supplies and frankly it's cheaper than our water so their state delivers this year have projected or projected to be low in not zero so they're shifting over to our water supply so they're going to see a big increase in the water they get from us. they're not taking more of our supply because they are greed bye i didn't but because it's available. next to the last it is the local ground water we're going to have some of that project on line and
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that's to augment our supply. on the not-so- good news front with the irrigation didn't look libel there's been corresponare correspondence so we are going to keep mortgaging that and rancher hopefully for a transfer that would be annoys to have in our bag of tools to deal with the drought. what's happening around california. the governors emergency declaration on january 17th in significant statewide but local conditions vary and they called for 0 o a 20 percent reduction. one item in there that maybe useful they'll expedite programs to break ground this year and we
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mate get some if you happened for that we may be able to augment that. what are other people agencies doug doing around the state both sacramento are if into mandatory systems and merry run has moved forward to their back up reservoirs they need that supply. alameda couldn't water another contractor in the 20 percent reduction and the santa clara their considering a 10 percent reduction monk their customers and east bay mud and the metropolitan district have good resources so they're in the mode of continued skwefrp and no call for reduction. so moving to 10 percent is in the package of what people are
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doing. the next slide and the last slide really getsal u at you know where we've been and where we're going. over the last 10 years the green line with the green dots represents the population growth into in san francisco and our is whether or not he will area the imply line is the reductions. so you see the demand has dropped by 40 million gallons a day out of 2 hundred and you would million gallons a day. that's due to conservation people have done a good job. the picture is the same the customers outside of san francisco and inside have all done a really good job.
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that doesn't mean with waeb cannot do more. your conservation budget for the puc here for the retail side is a little less than $48 million a year to reduce the demand for our produce. last week staff from examinations customer services service and conservation refocused our efforts to get the word out to people that we have services available that we do water audits and make recommendations to people and also have high-minded building inspectors who help folks to figure out their high bills it's an audit but only if you want
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it. we're getting the message out. book in 2007 when we went for a call for a reduction supply we have a reduction in calls so we're going to organize our staff to respond and react as quickly as we can to do the audits to get people the reductions they're calling for. another thing we did in 2007 we funded for and with our customers a water saving hero champion that was successful. we're going to get the word out to people that water is precious and we need to save every drop. that's where we are. any questions? >> i have a question so a couple of weeks ago it was commissioner torres that raised the issue of us locally
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declaring a drought no matter what the governor did so we xhashgd this and would i talk about if the red line falls away. >> we model futures, you know, we take 76 and 77 as the bad year so we've been running a model well, this years below so if we have a worse year yours sincerely, yes. that red line is a problem. over the next month if we see it staying down there we may well want to take it to another level >> can we expect that commissioner torres will get the
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daily weekly or daily basis. >> that gives the best picture looking daily is a little bit too much. >> so steve maybe you want to talk about the difference between mandatory and was it triggers. >> in the case of volunteer we're asking people to reduce their demand but mandatory it kicks in a part of the agreement where we establish the water budget with each of our customers and track those and there's a provision important banking if they save some now and use it later. it's not that we don't want to do b that unless he have to.
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>> where don't southern california get their water and a southern california gets their water in incision from local supplies and ground water and recycled water and the colorado river and those 3 combines where the metro district have heavily investment in the resources. >> meaning ground water. >> rekindly water and a reservoir called diamond evaluate that was built for the purpose of storing water in go times for lean times. >> how big is it. >> 8 hundred thousand photo. >> diamond valley i thought it
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was bigger that. >> it's a number that popped into my head it's a big reservoir. >> think about that raising hetch hetchy (laughter). >> i dream about it every night if we only had some precipitation to put into it. >> thank you commissioner caen. >> thank you, mr. rick i didn't. >> actually, i was going to save that to the last day in office here. >> can you come up to the front here. >> item 9 is the bossing could update. >> hi, there's two things i want to speak to you appreciate steve's report on the water conservation. i sent a message out to my board
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notifying them they've been watching the dry year conditions and wondering what is going on with us. i don't building anybody is surprised only anxious to see what the balance of this winter turned out to be. i've told general manager kelly and staff we fully intend to coordinate we've have a successful partnership on a large regional publication map that feels helpful in that yours and my service area overlaps. we want to know where the information is coming from. we'll work together and coordinate that message to get the best response from all the
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consumers and let them you know what they can do. your conservation programs have increased activity i suspect we do quite a bit of outreach in the areas that are most likely to be the most targeted like landscape education and & we have a legal program i've had people ask me about just over this winter. that i think is certainly something that no one wants to deal with the drought but we're here and we'll manage appropriately as i appreciate the wise use we have. secondly, i have a more official statement related to mountain tunnel that i felt just given the codifies at our last hearing and some of the out growth that
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went on about it. i'll read it. on january 8th this year, the staff notified that portions of the tunnel could collapse and cut off all the water from the hetch hetchy customers. this surprisingly possibility could eliminate 85 percent of the water used by thirty thousand businesses in alameda and santa clara kaunts u counties whose water related entities is involving bossing can. it's been impressed to us to fix the tunnel as quickly as possible. bossing cans response is
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critical questions that operates the water system to protect the water and public safety. first what's the immediate near term plan if the cat tropic issue happens. what plan has been developed to restore the water to the hetch hetchy and to other folks. two what caused the degradation of the lynn. the answer is not clear in the documents but an answer a required to make sure that the replacement facilities won't be involved in the same problem. third will it be necessary to put in place the immediate measures and four how will the project be fined. it replies 46 million or more
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and 5 how will the puc not extended the risk to other san francisco residents. it requests that the staff provide an answer to the first question by the first meeting no march and to the other four questions by the commissions meeting in june. this information will be presented to the bossing could board and additional my staff will help the puc and staff to meet this very serious challenge urgently. so you thank you for the opportunity to state that i felt it was something that had to be put out there. with that, i will not go on
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>> (laughter). >> commissioner? thank you for your report >> at the also and your vigilance it's a concern to all of us. i hope we can get the answers to you and us as quickly as possible >> thank you have a good afternoon. >> any public comment on the bossing could update madam next item please and it's item 10 consent calendar it's item 10 a their dortd be routine and will be acted upon by a single-action of the commission only separated if the public or commission requests and be a separated item. >> so moved.
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>> second. >> any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. i'll call for a vote all in favor, say i. opposed? the motion carries. madam secretary >> authorized the general manager to provide a credit facility under the proposition e for the wastewater paper program. >> commissioners. >> i think everything was clear and so on and so forth. >> it's been mohammed any public comment on this item? on item 11 seeing none, public comment is closed i'll call for a vote please signify by a i all in favor, say i. opposed? >> item 12 on award agreement for the ambassadors program grant. >> been 0 moved and seconded and i have a question.


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